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"It was bound to happen considering this is, after all, a Raab Codec (Component label head) side project. Where this newly formed project previously exhibited a darker ambient voice, Sentient flips over to display its gritty other half. The analog industrial beat has returned, heavy hitting early techno leanings and a penchant for rigorous clangs and pounding highs all merge to form a classic sound pulled from early 90s-era Nettwerk recordings. So just as Pattern Behavior weaved its mysterious threaded chant, Sentient captures some of its high notes and reshapes them into more dance ready terrain. Witch Eyes transforms “Breathing Faster” into a magnetic bludgeoning bass and beat beast as the closing drift from Raab Codec’s Snowbeasts alias reveals thin veils of Elizabeth Virosa’s cascading voice trailing into an invisible drone. More industrial crunch than infused atmospherics, Sentient is a nostalgic breakaway from previous offerings."-Igoomag.com
released August 5, 2014

All tracks by Raab Codec & Elizabeth Virosa
Track 6-remix JGarrett
Track 7-remix by Witch Eyes
Track 8-remix by Snowbeasts. Original track taken from the 'Collapsar' Ep on The Crime League crimeleague.bandcamp.com/album/collapsar